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Neck Flex Plus

Neck Flex Plus

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Product Specifications

Material: EVA
Color: Blue

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The Neck Flex Plus is your portable solution for neck pain. With its simple yet effective design, this convenient stretcher promotes relaxation and restores proper cervical curvature, bringing relief and comfort to your daily life.

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Targeted pressure

Correct neck curvature

The Neck Flex PLUS aims to provide relief from neck discomfort. The orthotic design aims to provide targeted acupressure therapy for effective relief. It's designed to be ideal for various conditions like bulging discs, pinched nerves, TMJ, and sore muscles, aiming to offer reliable relief and relaxation.

Pain Relief

Relive neck pain

Designed to potentially offer neck pain relief within 10 minutes with our innovative solution, aimed at facilitating cervical curvature restoration.

Used for only 10 minutes a day

Personal Massage Therapist

Using the device for just 10 minutes daily is sufficient. Its portability allows you to carry it effortlessly to various places, be it your workplace, the gym, on a stroll, or while traveling. Allow 1-3 days for adaptation, and enjoy extreme comfort as the neck adjusts to the corrective curvature.