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Cloud Slippers

Cloud Slippers

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Our Cloud Slides

Experience unrivalled comfort and trendsetting style with our Cloud Slides, a fusion of comfort and cutting-edge design. These slippers are crafted to offer a feeling of walking on clouds!

Size guide

Our Cloud Slippers come in a variety of sizes ranging from Women's 4.5 to 12.5. 

The slides can run slightly large, so if you find yourself between sizes, we recommend choosing the smaller option.


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Super Soft & Lightweight

Crafted from lightweight thick EVA material, these slides offer a comfy sole and are the go-to solution for foot comfort.


Double Anti-Slip & Waterproof

Double anti-slip material and a textured skid resistant sole ensures a secure walk, perfect for both dry and wet surfaces. Stylish, lightweight, and comfy, these slides can provide all-day comfort.


Thick Sole Design

The 4cm thick soles provide a soft cushion every step, making it a great recovery shoe ideal for plantar fasciitis and overall foot pain.