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Bed Wedge Pillow

Bed Wedge Pillow

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Our wedge pillow is designed to provide support and comfort in various ways

May help mitigate discomfort with acid reflux.

✅ Can aid in reducing snoring by elevating the head.

✅ Useful for elevating legs to potentially reduce swelling.

✅ Offers support that may contribute to alleviating back, shoulder, and neck discomfort.

✅ Aims to enhance sleep quality through improved comfort.

✅ Serves as a supportive accessory for pregnant individuals, promoting comfort and relaxation.

Product description

  • Product material: Polyester / Cotton
  • Size: Height 26cm, Length 50cm, Width 50cm
  • Machine washable: Removable and Machine Washable Cover
  • Anti-Skid Bottom: Ensures stability, preventing slippage during use.
  • Side Pockets: Perfect for holding items such as books, tablets, or remote controls for easy access during relaxation or bedtime.
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Pain Relief

Provides Perfect Posture!

The removable adjustable inner memory foam are made of a unique blend of spongy clusters which can be customised to give you the exact thickness needed for your ideal comfort.

Removable outer layer

Easy to Care For

The removable cover with a zip can be quickly and easily removed and thrown in the washing machine for a quick clean.

Adjustable design

Elevated Comfort

Flip the pillow vertically for an upright reading or working position. This versatile design provides targeted support to your back, shoulders, and neck, reducing discomfort and promoting a restful posture.