How It Works

The modern world is designed for poor posture. We spend our days hunched over our phones, slouched in front of our computers, slinging backpacks and handbags over one shoulder, sitting with our legs crossed… the list goes on. 

Here at Posture Place, we understand the problem facing everyday Australians. This is why we have designed our reliable and affordable posture correctors to improve your posture.

The Posture Problem

Continuous slouching causes the muscles in the front of the chest (pectorals) to become tight as they bend inwards, while the muscles in the upper back (middle traps and rhomboids) become overstretched. 

Prolonged poor posture causes a build up of pressure in the muscles and joints, 

Our Design 

Our posture correctors are designed to activate the muscles in the front of your chest, upper back and neck, and provide a 'framework' for their correct position and alignment. By wearing our posture corrector which manually (and gently) pulls your shoulders back, your body receives sensory feedback in order to feel where it is supposed to be. This triggers your muscle memory to encourage good posture in the long term. 

Ideally, with the help of our posture corrector, good posture will become second nature. This is what differentiates us from our competitors. We have designed our posture correctors as a long term solution to your poor posture problems. 


FIXES POSTURE - Our posture corrects are designed to improve posture. It's really as simple as that.

FACILITATE SPINE HEALTH - Our posture correctors are a long term solution. Consistent use of our products aids in facilitating overall spine health, so you will reap the rewards for years to come.

RELIEVE TENSION - Experience instant relief from back pain, tension and strain caused by poor posture. Our posture corrector provides effective back support as it gently pulls your shoulders back into correct alignment. 

ADJUSTABLE & COMFORTABLE FIT - While other posture correctors are bulky, uncomfortable and irritating to the skin, our posture corrector is sleek, comfortable and adjustable. 

DIFFERENT COLOUR OPTIONS - We offer our posture correctors in black and tan, which gives you the option to wear your posture corrector over or under your clothes. 

HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS - Our posture correctors are made from durable, high quality materials.

LOW COST - We don't charge exorbitant prices for our products. We believe effective posture support should be available to everyone at affordable price.