Infrared Sauna Benefits: Is It Safe?

Infrared Sauna Benefits: Is It Safe?

In the pursuit of wellness and rejuvenation, the emergence of infrared sauna therapy has intrigued many seeking alternative solutions. In a world where traditional saunas have long been celebrated for their numerous benefits, the spotlight has shifted to the promising realm of infrared saunas—offering an abundance of health improvements that extend far beyond mere perspiration.

What are FAR-Infrared Saunas? 

Traditional saunas typically employ hot air and steam to generate heat within an enclosed space, aiming to raise the overall room temperature. Conversely, infrared saunas, specifically utilizing far-infrared (FIR) waves, operate by transmitting infrared light waves that penetrate the body's tissues, stimulating heat from within without significantly impacting the sauna room's ambient temperature. These waves are adept at reaching deeper into tissues, triggering mitochondrial activity, and enhancing circulation.

What is the Difference Between Infrared Saunas and Regular Saunas? 

Infrared sauna therapy diverges from conventional sauna practices by harnessing infrared light waves rather than relying on elevated air temperature. This distinction allows individuals who may struggle with traditional saunas' high heat and humidity to access the potential benefits provided by infrared sauna therapy.


The Benefits of Infrared Saunas

The wonders attributed to infrared saunas encompass a wide spectrum of health improvements:

Enhanced Skin Tone 

Through the use of infrared saunas operates on a fascinating principle. By promoting increased circulation, these saunas assist in the transportation of vital nutrients to the skin's surface. This process not only aids in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles but also plays a significant role in fostering a more vibrant and radiant complexion. The increased blood flow brought about by infrared heat facilitates the delivery of essential components like oxygen, collagen, and elastin to the skin's layers, promoting a youthful and healthier appearance.



The process of detoxification in the body receives a significant boost from the induced sweating experienced during infrared sauna sessions. The penetrating heat prompts the body to sweat profusely, which, in turn, helps eliminate accumulated toxins, heavy metals, and other impurities.

This natural detoxification method not only cleanses the skin but also supports the body's internal detox mechanisms, promoting the elimination of harmful substances. By sweating, the body sheds toxins, leading to a feeling of lightness and revitalisation as it expels impurities through the skin's pores.


Weight Loss

The relationship between weight loss and infrared sauna sessions is multifaceted. Research indicates that the increased heart rate and calorie burning induced by these sessions can contribute to weight reduction. The raised heart rate, akin to moderate exercise, prompts the body to burn calories. When combined with a healthy lifestyle and regular sessions, this process can complement a weight loss regimen by supporting the burning of additional calories, aiding in shedding excess weight, and contributing to an overall healthy metabolism.


Improved Cardiovascular Function

Utilising infrared saunas has been shown to have beneficial effects on cardiovascular health. The heat from these saunas promotes blood vessel dilation, enhancing blood flow throughout the body. T

his improved circulation positively impacts the cardiovascular system, reducing the strain on the heart and potentially lowering the risks associated with certain cardiac conditions. The heat's impact on blood flow can contribute to more efficient nutrient and oxygen delivery to the body's tissues, thereby supporting overall heart health.


Pain Relief

Infrared sauna therapy has emerged as a promising treatment in alleviating chronic pain, particularly in conditions like rheumatoid arthritis. The deep, penetrating heat generated by infrared saunas reaches beneath the skin, providing a soothing effect on muscles and joints.

This can help in reducing inflammation and relaxing muscles, thereby offering relief to individuals suffering from chronic pain conditions. Moreover, the heat promotes the release of endorphins, the body's natural painkillers, contributing to an overall sense of well-being and comfort.


Wound Healing

Scientific studies have highlighted the potential of infrared light in accelerating the healing process for wounds. The use of infrared light therapy prompts an increase in cellular metabolism, boosting tissue growth and stimulating the regeneration of cells.

This process aids in the acceleration of wound healing by fostering the development of new, healthy tissue. Additionally, the increased circulation stimulated by infrared light promotes better oxygenation of the affected area, crucial for the healing process and overall tissue repair.


Boosted Circulation

The benefits of infrared sauna therapy extend to improved blood vessel function and enhanced circulation. The heat from the infrared waves causes blood vessels to dilate, resulting in increased blood flow throughout the body.

This enhanced circulation helps deliver oxygen and essential nutrients more efficiently to various tissues and organs. By improving blood flow, infrared sauna therapy contributes to a more efficient exchange of gases in the lungs and aids in the removal of metabolic waste products, fostering overall better health.


Alleviation of Chronic Fatigue

Infrared sauna therapy has shown promise in addressing conditions like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome due to its potential in reducing oxidative stress. The deep, penetrating heat from infrared saunas aids in relaxation and stress reduction, contributing to a decrease in the body's overall oxidative stress levels.

This reduction in oxidative stress may play a role in alleviating symptoms associated with chronic fatigue, providing individuals with a sense of increased energy and improved well-being. Moreover, the heat-induced relaxation can also lead to improved sleep quality, another crucial factor in combating chronic fatigue.

Are Infrared Sauna's Safe? 

While infrared sauna therapy is generally considered safe, certain precautions need to be considered. It may not be suitable for young children, elderly individuals, or those on medications affecting sweating ability. Always consult a healthcare professional before engaging in infrared sauna sessions.

Embracing Infrared Sauna Blankets

Infrared sauna blankets provide a convenient alternative, offering the benefits of infrared sauna therapy in a portable and more accessible format. These blankets allow individuals to enjoy the therapeutic effects of infrared saunas from the comfort of their homes, eliminating the need for dedicated sauna spaces.

Another product that can be very beneficial is an infrared therapy belt, which combines all the benefits of red light therapy but targets the lower back, stomach and hips. This can reduce inflammation around these areas and speed up recovery time. 


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